letter to New York Times on advertising the terrorist group of MEK

Dear Editor;

The New York Times has shown poor judgment by accepting advertisement on behalf of a known terrorist organization (Feb. 16 , p. A9  ).The MEK is a dangerous and violent organization that has assassinated several Americans, in addition to thousans of innocent Iranians including dozens of lawmakers. We would furnish the irrefutable evidence of MEKs atrocities in both Iran and Iraq , which belie the false advertisement that portrays a terror group as “democratic. The MEK is comparable to al-Qaeda and neither terrorist group should be defended directly or indirectly by any responsible aspect of the media. By allowing a paid advertisement for this terrorist group, the New York Times has in fact discredited itself. We urge you to closely scrutinize this Cult group’s history of violence that leaves no doubt that a grievous error of judgment that is an affront to the families of the MEKs victims has been perpetrated.

 Press office 

 Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the UN

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