3 February 2011

Explanation of Position by Mr. Mohammad Hassani-Nejad

 Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran

after adoption of the decision on Human development Report

at the UNDP/UNFPA First annual Executive Board Meeting

(3 February 2011 – New York)


Madam President,


My delegation supports the final text of the decision on human development report which is the result of an extensive negotiation process that is somehow unusual for adopting decisions in this Board. We particularly appreciate Cuban delegation for both presenting the first draft and coordinating the decision in an open, transparent and constructive manner and yet under extreme time pressure and for taking into account concerns of all sides of the discussions in the final text.


No one is one hundred percent happy with the decision. However, it should have been sent a clear and strong message to the UNDP and the HDR Office that using false and politically motivated judgments against Member States, resorting to inaccurate sources while overlooking credible ones and failing to engage in meaningful consultations with the Member States are totally unacceptable.


We hope this message be well received, preventing further harm to the credibility of the Report. We support an independent, apolitical, well-consulted and reliable report which helps decision/policy makers around the world to better understand human development, and this very timely and pertinent decision is a clear reflection of such desire of the Member States.


Thank you very much

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