1 February 2011

Statement by

Mr. Mohammad Hassani-Nejad, Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran 

at the First Regular Session of the Executive Board of UNDP/UNFPA

(1 February 2011– New York)

In the name of God the merciful the compassionate


Madam President,


I would like to take this opportunity to express our congratulation to Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin for his appointment as the fourth Executive Director of UNFPA and wish him every success during his tenure. We also appreciate for his introductory statement which covered a wide range of issues.


The family is recognized as the basic unit of society and as such should be strengthened.  It is entitled to receive comprehensive protection and support. A family-based society has major impact on ensuring long-term prosperity and well-being of each and every community and their people. We expect “family” and it’s strengthening to be positioned at the heart of the UNFPA work in the coming years. Family is an integral part of promoting sexual and reproductive health. Without engaging family, men and women, the prospect for a sustained success in this field will be little. For many, the reason behind working with bodies like UNFPA is strengthening of family and its base in society. In the absence of family in the deliberations, we are afraid not many worthy issues are left to talk about.


Respect for and being constantly cognizant of the issue of cultural diversity and different lifestyles of different societies is another element for a successful UNFPA. Upholding useful local traditions and engaging into a process of convincing local, community and religious have proven to be effective in promoting sexual and reproductive health. And we expect UNFPA practically and seriously embraces such approach in coming years.


Madam President,


Before I conclude, I think I am obliged to ut on the record, in reference to the statement made by the distinguished representative of Qatar this morning, that the only and true name for the sea area between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula is the “Persian Gulf” which is the universally recognized and historically prudent and established nomenclature for this body of water.

I thank you very much.

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