12 January 2011

Statement by H.E. Mr. Mohammad Khazaee

 Ambassador and Permanent Representative

of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations

on the Handover Ceremony of the Chairmanship of the Group of 77 and China

(New York, 12 January 2011)


In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful



Mr. Chairman,

Distinguished colleagues,


It gives me with great pleasure to congratulate H.E. Mr. Jorge Argüello Permanent Representative of Argentina to the United Nations for officially assuming the chairmanship of the G77 and China for the year 2011. As it has been the case in the past, we will spare no efforts in cooperating with the incoming Chair and his team to furthering the goals and aspirations of the Group.

I also express my appreciation and gratitude to the outgoing Chair Yemen, H.E. Ambassador Abdullah Alsaeidi and his dedicated hard-working team for their the excellent work and stewardship during the past year; a year loaded with major events and breathtaking negotiations. It was a trying challenge. However, the sweetness of the results, pale the difficulties and moments of hardship faced along the way. Form the September MDG+10 Summitand its complicated negotiation process to the difficult System-wide Coherence negotiations and to the hefty workload of the Second and Fifth Committees, we observed high standards of professionalism demonstrated by Ambassador Alsaeidi and his dedicated team.


Mr. Chairman,

It would be naïve to underestimate the challenges that the sole universal voice of the South, G77 and China, faces today. However, they are not new and we always preferred to concentrate on the strengths of the Group rather than its weaknesses. We believe a united and proactive Group of 77 and China is still highly functional and desirable.

Successful pursuit of the long-term interests of the members of the Group, big and small, depend on respect for openness, transparency, constructive contribution and the time-honoured tradition of consensus as the fundamental overarching working principles of the Group. Unity and solidarity have been the keys for all the achievements of the Group – since its inception in the 1960s.

We believe there are still huge potentials in the developing South to be harnessed particularly in this age of uncertainties, when, among others, inclusive multilateralism is embattled by promotion of elitism and exclusive smaller groupings.


Thank you very much.

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