25 December 2010

Statement by Mr. Rashid Bayat Mokhtari

Delegate of the Islamic Republic during the General Assembly vote

on the resolution of the Fifth Committee containing the issue of budgeting

 the Expert Panel of sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran

(25 December 2010- New York)

Mr. President,


My delegation has asked for the floor to explain its vote on the draft L.22 before the General Assembly, as we cannot join any consensus to recognize any apparatus to enforce unlawful sanctions against my country.


The Islamic Republic of Iran regards the Security Council resolution 1929 and other related resolutions issued to impose sanctions on Iran, unjust and unlawful. It is our firm belief that these resolutions are crafted based on false speculations and misinformation propagated by some to advance their political ambitions which is to deprive a developing country and a member of NPT of its inalienable right to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

In the view of my delegation, using financial and human resources of this Organization paid by the contributions of Member States for a panel of experts, is as unlawful.

My delegation, therefore, cannot allow a consensus on an issue which jeopardizes the national security of my country.

Nevertheless, my delegation wishes to make it clear that Iran’s No Vote to this resolution should not be interpreted as a disagreement with other provisions of the resolution where adopted by consensus.

Thank you Mr. President

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