24 December 2010

Statement by Mr. Rashid Bayat Mokhtari

Delegate of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Fifth Committee

on budgeting the Expert Panel for sanction against the Islamic Republic of Iran

(24 December 2010, New York)

Mr. Chairman,

My delegation wishes to propose the following oral amendment to section XIII of the draft resolution L.22 after operative paragraph 2 (page 12 of the draft resolution), the proposed paragraph would read:

“Decides not to approve the requested posts and financial resources for the Panel of Experts on the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Mr. Chairman,

As explained in frequent statements by my delegation during the deliberations of the Fifth Committee, Iran regards all Security Council’s resolutions imposing sanctions on Iran unlawful.

Consequently, the attempt to provide posts and financial resources for the implementation of these resolutions are as unlawful. My delegation cannot allow a consensus resulting in the support for an issue which directly affects the national security of my country.

I urge all to vote in favor of the amendment as proposed.

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