13 October 2010

Statement by Mr. MohammadReza Sahraei

 Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran

 at the Special Political and Decolonization Committee on the agenda item 50

 “International cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space” 

(New York- 13 October 2010) 

In the Name of God the Compassionate the Merciful


Mr. Chairman

At the outset, allow me to felicitate you and other members of the Bureau, on the assumption of your offices, and wish you success in your endeavor to continue guiding the Committee efficiently in the course of the remaining discussions. I would also like to use this opportunity to express our appreciation to the Director and the staff of the UNOOSA for their efforts to further promote international cooperation on peaceful uses of outer space.

Mr. Chairman

The Islamic Republic of Iran as one of the first COPUOS member has constantly supported and contributed to the work of the Committee to uphold the fundamental principles governing on space activities enshrined in the Outer Space Treaty and the related United Nations instruments. The UN instruments provide that in the exploration and use of outer space, States shall be guided by the principle of cooperation and mutual assistance and shall conduct all their activities in outer space with due regard for the corresponding interests of other States.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is perfectly aware of the substantial contribution of satellite products to the well being of all mankind and to the socio-economic development of all counties. At the same time we recall that these activities should be carried out in a manner compatible with the sovereign rights of States, including the principle of non-intervention as enshrined in the relevant United Nations instruments.

The Islamic Republic of Iran reiterates the need for further international cooperation regarding the peaceful use or outer space, and expresses its concern over the likelihood of an arms race in the outer space which requires increased international awareness and preventive efforts. Iranhas already stated its position on this specific issue at various international fora. We believe that the outer space as the common heritage of mankind must be used, explored and utilized for exclusively peaceful purposes and for the benefit and interest of all mankind in a spirit of cooperation and without discrimination. To that end, all efforts should be done in order to secure the use of outer space solely for the purposes of the well-being and prosperity of all nations around the world.

Mr. Chairman

I am so delighted to seize this opportunity to inform the Committee of the most significant developments of the Iranian space programme which took place over the past year.

  • On February 3rd, 2010, three new indigenously made satellites, namely Mesbah-2, Toloo and Navid were unveiled.
  • These satellites are planned to be hopefully launched with our new domestic Satellite Launch Vehicle (SLV) in a near future. The new SLV which is called Simorgh uses a clustered motor with a thrust power of 143 tons, and is able to inject satellites with 100kg weight in the orbits up to 500 km.
  • On February 3rd, 2010 a domestically manufactured sounding rocket with a mouse, two turtles, and some worms on-board was successfully launched. The new sounding rocket, called Kavoshgar-3 (Explorer-3), included a life-support system and cameras to monitor the condition and movements of the animals and to send back images from the rocket’s exterior. The 3-meter long research rocket traveled "beyond the Earth’s atmosphere" and parachuted back to Earth, with the animals still alive and in perfect condition.

Alongside with its progressive scientific and technical programs, the Islamic Republic of Iran placed the equal importance on capacity building in space law. In this context the Islamic Republic of Iran hosted a co-organized workshop with United Nations on space law from 8 to 11 November 2009 in Tehran on the theme of “Role of International space law in the development and strengthening of international and regional cooperation in the peaceful exploration of outer space”.

We appreciate OOSA for all its efforts for organizing this Workshop. My delegation is also grateful for the support extended by Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization.

Mr. Chairman

On UN-SPIDER programme my delegation would like to express its deep satisfaction on the progressive trend of its implementation.

Given Iran’s location in a disaster prone-zone, we recognized the considerable merit of UN-SPIDER programme and supported it since the very beginning of its initiation. In June 2009 a Cooperation Agreement has been signed between UNOOSA and the Iranian Space Agency on the establishment of the UN-SPIDER Regional Support Office in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Now Iran is an active partner of UNOOSA in the region to implement UN-SPIDER and continues its support.

Mr. Chairman

To conclude, I would like to express our sincere hope for the successful and satisfactory conclusion of the special committee.  I assure you Mr. Chairman of my delegation’s fullest cooperation to this end.

I thank you Mr. Chairman,

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