23 June 2010

Statement by:

Mr. Mohammad Hassani Nejad Pirkouhi

 Delegate of the Islamic Republic of Iran

at the Annual Executive Board Session of

the United Nation’s Development Program – UNDP

(Geneva, 23 June 2010)

In the name of God the merciful the compassionate


Mr. President,


My delegation associates itself with the statement made by the distinguished delegate of Yemen on behalf of G77 and China. We also appreciate Madam Executive Director Mrs. Clark for her comprehensive introductory statement which was as usual eloquent and rich.


It has been mentioned by this delegation times and again that UNDP taking into account its coverage and professional backbone, enjoys a distinct situation comparing to other UN funds and programs. Specific features of the UN operational activities for development which are their universal, voluntary, grant nature, their neutrality and their multilateralism are given outstanding prominence to UNDP activities. We understand that UNDP is cognizant of its position and will take advantage of it to the extent possible in moving ahead the development agenda of developing countries, particularly in such areas as capacity-building, economic and technical cooperation, and in a more general sense, in the area of South-South cooperation.


The upcoming September high level meeting on MDGs is an important event and indeed a last chance not only to renew our commitments but also to fulfill the promises our leaders made in Millennium Declaration. Words will not be sufficient, without adequate financial support most of the MDGs in many developing countries will not be met on time. The role of UNDP in accelerating the progress and reaching to those regions and targets that are lagging the farthest behind is well recognized. In this regard we took note of the good and useful reports and assessments such as “Beyond the Mid-point” have so far been presented by UNDP and the recently released synthesis report as was promised in DP/2010/17.


Of course, our expectations from UNDP go far beyond that. Program countries are rightfully expecting more from UNDP. However, the same report, against our expectations, conveys that poverty reduction and MDGs expenditures all together counts for just 29 percent of UNDP expenses and it stand second in the sharing of the costs among focus areas. We, therefore, think that UNDP should expedite its efforts in this areas while ensuring that MDGs in particular combating poverty and hunger receiving proportionate support and resources from UNDP. Meanwhile, further alignment of Fund’s activities with the internationally agreed development goals including MDGs is among the measures that would further improve the image of UNDP in developing world.


We support your ambitious vision of turning UNDP into a knowledge based world class organization and we trust that it will further strengthen effectiveness of the Organization while at the same time keeps it focused as an operational entity. It has always been our understanding that in most parts of the world a development-based approach will yield more durable results. We hope to see a positive response in this regard when the mid-term review report will be presented during 2011 annual session.


We meet today at a time of financial and economic uncertainty. A key element in confronting this unfavorable situation is to make sure that there is no setback in development. Making progresses sustainable is crucially important. The crisis can not be, therefore, used as an excuse to withhold existing aid commitments. Donors have to meet and scale up their existing bilateral and multilateral official development assistance commitments made in different occasions and fora. This is not a time for retreat, but a time in which additional resources are needed to enable developing countries to save their hardly won achievements in particular the social ones. However, we note with concern that UNDP core resources have also been negatively affected while the projections for 2010 and 2011 seem to be disappointing as well. Because of the above-mentioned reasons, we think it is crucial that UNDP meets its funding target for regular resources as set out in its 2008-2013 Strategic Plan.


In conclusion, Mr. President, I would like to reiterate my delegation’s continuous support to you and to the Bureau.


Thank you very much.

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