21 June 2010

Statement by: 

Mr. Mohammad Hassani Nejad Pirkouhi

 Delegate of the Islamic Republic of Iran

at the Annual Executive Board Session of

the United Nations Population’s Fund – UNFPA

(Geneva – 21 June 2010)

In the name of God the merciful the compassionate


Mr. President,


My delegation associates itself with the statement made by Yemen on behalf of G77 and China. We also appreciate Madam Executive Director Mrs. Obaid for her introductory statement which was as usual insightful and comprehensive.


The upcoming September high level meeting on MDGs has given special significance to this Board meeting. The role of UNFPA in the global endeavor to realize the MDGs is well established and recognized. The goals are achievable, however, without additional efforts and resources and with the current pace regrettably most of them in many developing countries will not be met on time.


The United Nations Population Fund is well positioned to assist countries in their national efforts to realize MDGs and population programs. We, therefore, reiterate the importance of enhancing the UNFPA supportive measures through provision of sufficient financial resources, technical assistance and capacity building activities for achieving all targets agreed in the ICPD Programme of Action as well as Millennium Declaration.


Mr. President,

During commemoration of the 15th anniversary of the ICPD in 2009 the international community reaffirmed its commitment to the ICPD Programme of Action and underscored its inextricable link to MDGs. Support for the ICPD and for the UNFPA mandate have been unequivocally expressed by both developed and developing countries including mine.


We, however, note with concern the recent remarks made by one of UNFPA officials who quoted the breakdown of family far from being a “crisis,” but actually “a triumph for human rights”. Such statements are unacceptable and we like to think that they do not represent the overall approach and policy of UNFPA regarding sanctity of life and family clearer to its membership. We further hope that such remarks. High rates of divorce, out-of-wedlock births and teenage abortion represent a social crisis and calling it a triumph for whatever cause is reprehensible.


Mr. President,

Let me say a few words on financial situation of UNFPA. We think that Funds and Programmes of the UN system and in particular UNFPA, play a crucial role in helping countries to implement their relevant national policies and in achieving internationally agreed developmental goals including MDGs. In order to successfully carry out its mandates in the context of the Programme of Action of the ICPD, UNFPA should receive sufficient political and financial support. On this basis we call on major donors to continue to contribute to the implementation of ICPD Programe of Action through allocation of sufficient resources.


My delegation welcomes the increase in the 2009 regular income level of UNFPA and also welcomes the contributions made by program countries, all of this against the backdrop of the financial and economic crisis. In this regard, UNFPA resource mobilization initiatives are commendable. We reiterate that the core resources are the bedrock of the UN operational activities for development. The proportion of core to non-core resources in the case of UNFPA is an example that we hope other UN Funds and Programs can soon attain.


Mr. President,

At the national level, the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran through concerted advocacy efforts has been successful in establishing one of the best primary health systems in the region. UNFPA has contributed to the development of Iran’s family planning through enhancement of national ownership of ICPD plan of Action and complementing government’s population plans and programs.


Thank you very much Mr. President.

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