3 June 2010

Statement by H.E. Mr. Mohammad Khazaee

 Permanent Representative of  the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations

Before the Ambassadorial Meeting of the OIC

on Israeli Inhumane Attack to the Vessels

Carrying Humanitarian Assistance to Gaza Strip

(New York, 3 June 2010)


In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


Dear brother Chairman

I would also like to thank you for convening this meeting of the OIC in a short notice. I welcome H.E. Mr. Ufuk Gokcen the new OIC Ambassador in New York and wish him all success. I would also like to thank my dear brother Ambassador Apakan for his briefing today and express my deepest condolences to the people and government of Turkey and other states for the loss of lives and injuries inflicted to their nationals people on board of vessels as a result of the savage attack by the Zionist forces.



Mr. Chairman,

As you know, on early Monday, 31 May 2010, the Israeli commandos stormed one of the vessels taking humanitarian aid to Gaza Strip while it was navigating in the international waters in the Mediterranean Sea. This unlawful act which can hardly be named other than a well orchestrated terrorist act by military forces against civilians whose only concern was to provide humanitarian aid to the besieged Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.


The Islamic Republic of Iran has condemned this criminal act at the highest levels and the Supreme Leader,  Ayatollah Khamenei, issued a statement in this regard calling for strong action by the international community to hold the Zionist regime responsible for its criminal acts.


Dear Brothers and sisters

The recent deadly attack against a peaceful civilian vessel engaged in humanitarian cause is only another manifestation of the inhuman and barbaric nature of the Zionist regime which continues to occupy the Palestinian territory and other Islamic lands and impose an outrageous blockade against 1.5 million populations in Gaza. It also indicates that this regime is, by nature, an outlaw and violent entity which could not be trusted by any means. It shows that the aggressive character of the leaders of that regime and their aptitude in committing atrocities remain unchanged since the early decades.

But today thanks to the awareness of world public opinion the image of the Zionist regime is much worse than it has ever been during its black history, and more serious questions are being raised concerning its behaviors and even the rationale of its creation. The spontaneous world-wide protests against the recent criminal act of this regime and in support of the people in Gaza which extended from the Far East to Latin America, including Europe and United States, reveal the emergence of a world-wide resistance against Zionism that has never been so serious and extensive in the last 60 years. Despite the fact that some Media, here, tried to censure the news and the coverage of the world wide protests  but the large and impassioned public demonstrations in the heart of European capitals and American cities, the bold moves made by the heads of several states made it clear that non-Muslim world like Muslims are open conscious of the events and injustices that are happening in the Middle East.


Mr. Chairman

The Islamic Republic of Iran while respects the call of the UN Secretary-General and many States to make a probe to this tragic invasion by the Israeli forces against an unarmed civilian vessel, stresses that any such investigation should be done expeditiously and quickly. Such investigation should be aimed at highlighting different aspects of this criminal act and to identify the culprits at the highest echelon of the Zionist regime. After all, the main purpose of an independent investigation into such flagrant violation of international law should be to hold the perpetrators responsible and not to buy time for the Israeli officials to scramble tried justifications or to divert world attention from the very barbaric acts committed in cold blood. We should not forget the fate of the Goldstone report. Had the Security Council and those States claiming to be the advocate of human rights acted swiftly in the face of previous crimes committed by the Zionist regime, this regime would have thought twice before repeating a similar act against nationals of other countries in the international waters.


Mr. Chairman

We all heard the resistance shown by some permanent members of the Security Council on condemning this act and preventing concrete actions to be taken. Negotiations within United Nations Security Council are another exercise in futility. We all know that this is not the first time that the Security Council fails to take concrete actions vis-à-vis important issues, in particular on the issue of Palestine. We should not forget that the Security Council , some 60 years ago promptly recognized the occupation of Palestine by the then terrorist groups and played a basic role in the emergence and continuation of this historic injustice.

Several decades have passed since that recognition, and still the Security Council fails to take strong actions to put an end to various atrocities committed by the Zionist regime. Obviously, some permanent members use this world body as an instrument to push forward their own political agenda. As a result, the Security Council cannot and does not help the cause of world security let alone human rights and international humanitarian law.

If we look at the pattern of voting of some of Western countries which was also repeated itself during the voting of yesterday at the Human Rights Council in Geneva, one can easily figure out how much sincere some countries such as United Kingdom, United States, Italy, the Netherlands and some other European countries are committed to the cause of human rights and international humanitarian law. The United States government, in particular, has never ceased its unconditional support for the Zionist regime and its flagrant crimes, such as those committed on board of the vessels carrying humanitarian aid to the people in Gaza.

The States that support the Zionist regime are facing a big dilemma because on the one hand they claim that they are supporters of democracy, freedom and human rights and on the other they support this brutal regime. It is evident that the support to this regime is equal to the support for the occupation, massacre, assassination and violation of human rights.


Mr. Chairman,

The precious lives of our innocent people who choose to put their lives at risk for the sake of humanity are not lost in vain. Their only goal was to alert the world and the world leaders of the plight of 1.5 million Palestinians living in the biggest prison in the history. They sacrificed their lives to show to us all that the human sympathy for the pains and sufferings of fellow human beings could not tolerate the United Nations’ inaction. Their brave acts had only left those who have never hesitated to lend their generous support to the inhuman acts of the Zionist regime with shame. It is all the more shameful that some key supporters of this regime even didn’t bother to condemn the recent barbaric attack.

Our mission should be to turn this heart-breaking moment to an opportunity for advancing the very cause they sacrificed their lives for. And to lift the long blockade of Gaza Strip. The grave humanitarian situation is getting worse and worse as we are talking right now. We have to turn our honest will and sympathy for the cause of Palestinians into a robust international action to end the siege of Gaza and at the same time do whatever we can to end impunity for the Israeli regimes civilian and military officials who have a long record of war crimes, state terrorism and crimes against humanity. It is now clear more than ever that the Zionist regime has no respect for peace and tranquility in the region and that it sees its existence in an atmosphere of violence, hostility and tension.


Dear brothers and sisters,

I believe that we need a strong and firm message from our meeting today. We should not suffice ourselves to a mere condemnation of the Zionist regime acts, no matter how strong it may be its language, but to call for the concrete actions to be taken by the Security Council, Human Rights Council, General Assembly and other relevant UN and other international bodies to follow up action oriented decisions. We need to call up them all to work together for the realization of the following targets:

1-Lifting totally the siege of Gaza and reopening of all crossings to Gaza. In this regard we welcome the initiative by our the Egyptian brothers to open the way for aid as they did so as of yesterday and to allow Muslim countries and nations to carry out their duty in the provision of humanitarian aid.

2-Providing expeditiously humanitarian aids to Gaza through whatever means and whatever path either land, sea or air. We should not let the Zionist to get the false impression that they were able to cut the flow of humanitarian aid to Gaza. We need to dispatch tens of humanitarian vessels to Gaza under the flag of as many countries as possible.

3-We need also to call upon all humanitarian aid organizations as well as International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and Red Crescent  to expedite the provision of humanitarian aid including food, medicine, fuel and sanitation, to meet basic needs of the people in Gaza.

4-Forcing the Zionist regime to provide compensations for the loss of lives and injury inflicted to the people on board of the vessels and other material damages that has been inflicted on the convey.

5-Imposition of strong regime of sanctions against the Zionist regime to prevent the repetition of such barbaric acts and crime

6-We need to calls upon all the Muslim as well as non Muslim states that still have diplomatic relations with the Zionist regime to cut off such relations.

7-We need to pass an unambiguous political message not only to the Israeli rulers but also to their supporters, particularly those that voted against the resolution of the Human Rights Council that the Islamic world would not forget their hypocrisy and lack of sincerity regarding respect for human rights and international humanitarian law.

8-We need to send a letter and meet with United Nations Secretary General and asking him to do his utmost in support of the oppressed people of Gaza and for urgent and expeditious actions regarding our legitimate requests.
In conclusion, I honor the memory of the martyrs of the Sunday’s assault on board of vessels as well as 22-day war in Gaza. With their blood they made the Palestinian Gaza a matter of pride for Islamic world.


Thank you Mr. Chairman.

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