4 February 2010

Statement by Mr. Ahmad Rajabi

 Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran

 on the Sixteenth South-South High Level Committee Meeting

(New York – 4 February 2010)

 in the name of God the merciful, the compassionate

 Mr. President,

Only two months have past from the Nairobi Conference on South–South Cooperation and therefore, very little can be said to add value to its Outcome. However, my delegation would like to comment very briefly on the following:


Mr. President,

At the beginning, I would like to congratulate you for your election as the president of the sixteenth session of the High-Level Committee on South-South Cooperation. I extend my felicitation to other members of the bureau as well for their well deserved election. I also take this opportunity to thank Director and other staff of the Special Unit in fulfilling their mandates. My delegation associates itself with the statement made by the distinguished Permanent Representative of Yemen on behalf of the G77 and China.


Nairobi Outcome Document provides a valid basis for further strengthening of the South-South Cooperation and we, therefore, call for its full implementation. The role of the UN and its bodies to this end can not be over-emphasized. Hence, we urge the United Nations funds, programs and specialized agencies to take, as articulated in paragraph 21(a) of the Outcome, concrete measures to mainstream support to South-South and triangular cooperation to help developing countries as required.


Accordingly, and in line with paragraph 21(i) of the Outcome, we ask for meaningful measures to be taken by the Secretary General for financially and institutionally strengthening of the Special Unit for South-South Cooperation to carry out its full responsibilities and mandates as the UN system-wide coordinator. Meanwhile, we expect all other United Nations bodies to also increase allocation of human, technical and financial resources for South-South cooperation as foreseen in the Outcome.


We all concur that South-South cooperation is not a substitute for but rather a complement to North-South cooperation. North assistance is considered important to, among others; enhance South-South cooperation in order to fulfill its full development potential. It is, however, worth noting that the North can yet improve its cooperation with the South through, inter alia, learning from and adopting the guiding principles of the South-South cooperation such as respect for national sovereignty, national ownership and independence, equality, non-conditionality, non-interference in domestic affairs, mutual benefit and partnership among equals.


Let me conclude with a rather solemn point. Achieving development, elusive as it has proven to be, requires cooperation among countries, regardless of where they are situated: South or North. No one can accomplish it alone.


Thank You Mr. President.

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