12 October 2009

Statement by H.E. Eshagh Alhabib

Deputy Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the UN

in Commemoration of International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD+15)

(New York, 12 October 2009)


Mr. President,

Mr. Secretary General,



I would like, at the beginning, to associate myself with the statement made by the distinguished permanent Representative of Sudan on behalf of G77 and China.


Mr. President,

Holding the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development was a turning point in global healthcare discussions especially through promoting the issue of reproductive health. Participants committed themselves to have a new approach regarding health and population development at national level and take into account its Plan of Action while developing their national policies.


Fifteen years has since passed and I proudly can report on the progress my country has made in achieving the objectives of the Conference so far, while fully observing its cultural and religious values. Here, I would like to briefly mention the following as some of the achievements in this area:

-A significant decrease in the number of illiteracy, with the emphasis on women and rural areas, is secured;

-The increased number of employed women has been corroborated by the fact that the girls have outnumbered the boys entering into universities for consecutive years;

-Dissemination of public health related information especially in the remote and rural areas has served to increased public awareness and considerably eased implementation of health policies;

– A system of organized information gathering is now in effect and is being utilized in policy development;

– A significant improvement in children health care index is recorded while free school feeding programs is adopted and being implemented;

-The coverage of reliable birth control methods has reached %60. Meanwhile, the unmet family planning needs stands on less than %5.9;

– Significant progress in improving mothers’ health care has been achieved and the MDG target on maternal health is in reach. Accordingly, a %50 improvement in the number of unwanted pregnancies has been recorded;

– Policies based on principles for prevention of STI/HIV are developed and being implemented;

– Aging care and healthy living for senior citizens are now on the working agenda of the relevant ministries;

– And last but not least, almost full health insurance coverage, which is free for poor and needy families, is now in sight.


Mr. President,

In conclusion and based on success stories, we are on the view that having a development-based approach regarding population rather than a simply right-based one would be more conducive in our common efforts towards implementation of ICPD objectives.


Thank You, Mr. President.

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