27 September 2008

 Press Release of the Mission regarding the unwaranted resolution of the Security Council(res. 1835)

on Iran’s peaceful nuclear program

27 September 2008

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


It is unfortunate, and indeed another unpleasant surprise for the international community,that yet again we are witnessing that the Security Council has been unwarrantedly and unnecessarily called to act in a hastily manner on an issue that by no stretch of logic, law or justification falls within the Council’s purview, and poses no threat to international peace and security.


The Security Council’s engagement in, and actions against, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s peaceful nuclear program, including today’s resolution, lack not only fairness and objectivity, but also relevance and lawfulness.


Such moves are unwarranted and undoubtedly unconstructive. What the sponsors of today’s resolution need to do is to attract the trust of the Iranian nation through constructive cooperation and collective commitment, rather than adding to our nation’s mistrust by taking hasty and unlawful measures.


As we have continuously stressed on various occasions, and as the concrete facts on the ground clearly suggest, Iran’s nuclear program has been, is and will remain absolutely peaceful.


Regardless of such unjustifiable actions as the one taken by the Council today, the Iranian nation will remain determined to exercise its inalienable rights for peaceful uses of nuclear technology.

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