22 February 2008

Report of the IAEA on 22 February 2008, implementation of the work plan and closure of all outstanding issues

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The latest report of the IAEA

Closure of all outstanding issues, Iran’s cooperation far beyond its treaty obligations


1-As declared in the latest IAEA report, the Work Plan which was concluded between Iran and the IAEA is fully implemented and the 6 outstanding questions have been completely resolved. According to the Work Plan and the understanding between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the IAEA in August 2007 (INFCIRC/711), Iran accepted to resolve the remaining outstanding issue. Now according to the reports of DG, all 6 outstanding issue namely Plutonium, P1 and P2 centrifuge, U-metal, Po-210, Source of contamination, and the Gachin mine, are all resolved. In this regard, the IAEA Director General has stressed in the report that “the Agency has been able to conclude that answers provided by Iran, in accordance with the work plan, are consistent with its findings” and“considers those questions no longer outstanding.” The Director General emphasised on the resolution of all outstanding issues in his remarks after the release of the report too, and said : “ we have managed to clarify all the remaining outstanding issues, including the most important issue, which is the scope and nature of Iran´s enrichment programme.”


2- The report clearly stresses that Iran’s cooperation with the IAEA has been far beyond its treaty obligations and proactive. In this regard it stresses that “the Agency has recently received from Iran additional information similar to that which Iran had previously provided pursuant to the Additional Protocol, as well as updated design information. As a result, the Agency’s knowledge about Iran’s current declared nuclear programme has become clearer… the Agency has been able to continue to verify the non-diversion of declared nuclear material in Iran. Iran has provided the Agency with access to declared nuclear material and has provided the required nuclear material accountancy reports in connection with declared nuclear material and activities. Iran has also responded to questions and provided clarifications and amplifications on the issues raised in the context of the work plan”, and “has provided access to individuals in response to the Agency’s requests.” The IAEA Director General yet again stressed on Iran’s robust cooperation with the Agency in his remarks after the report by saying that “Iran in the last few months has provided us with visits to many places, that enable us to have a clearer picture of Iran´s current programme.” In another sign of Iran’s sincere and serious cooperation with the Agency, the report stresses that“ Since March 2007, a total of nine unannounced inspections have been carried out at FEP”.


3– It has been stressed in the work plan that “the Agency and Iran agreed that after the implementation of the work plan and the agreed modalities for resolving the outstanding issues, the implementation of safeguards in Iran will be conducted in a routine manner.” Therefore,and in the wake of the latest report of the IAEA, Iran’s peaceful nuclear program should bedealt with solely by the Agency as a regular item on its agenda, and thus, as envisaged in the Work Plan, the safeguards implementation in Iran has to be in routine manner from now on.


4- The so-called Alleged Studies issue has not been an outstanding question between Iran and the IAEA. It is a baseless allegation which has been put forward by the US to undermine the positive momentum created in Iran’s cooperation with the IAEA. Even in the work plan it is clearly mentioned that “Iran reiterated that it considers the alleged studies as politically motivated and baseless allegations [but]… As a sign of good will and cooperation with the Agency, upon receiving all related documents, Iran will review and inform the Agency of its assessment.”


5- The report of the IAEA Director General serves as a clear evidence from the Agency unambiguously attesting to the exclusively peaceful nature of the nuclear program of the Islamic Republic of Iran, both in the past and at present.


6- The report declares the resolution of all outstanding issues and proves that the allegations made against Iran’s peaceful nuclear program by a few countries have been totally flawed and baseless and, accordingly,the actions taken by the Security Council in this regard lack any shred of logic and legality.


7- The landmark accomplishment in resolving the outstanding issues which has only been possible through Iran’s robust cooperation with the IAEA far beyond its treaty obligations- as reflected in the said report-attests to the fact that the allegations made by certain countries, under the pretext of the so-called “proliferation concerns”, have been, from the outset, totally baseless.


8- The report also serves as solid evidence that Iran is a responsible, transparent, and predictable member of the NPT, and is fully committed to its international obligations with regard to its peaceful nuclear program.


9- The full implementation of the Work Plan and thus resolution andclosure of the outstanding issues have undoubtedly eliminated the most basic pretexts and allegations on the basis of which Iran’s peaceful nuclear program was referred to the Security Council, and demonstrates that the actions taken against the Islamic Republic of Iran by the Security Council have been unfair, unwarranted and unlawful.


10- The report also displays the fact that the Iranian nation has been both unwavering in implementation of its legal obligations, and resolute in defending its inalienable rights.


11- By resolving the outstanding questions with regard to its past activities, on the one hand;and conducting all its present activities, including the enrichment, under the full and continuous monitoring of the IAEA based on the IAEA Statute, the NPT and the comprehensive safeguards agreement, on the other, the Islamic Republic of Iran has removed any so-called “concerns” or “ambiguities” with regard to its peaceful nuclear activities in the past and at present.


12- Therefore, as envisaged in the Work Plan, Iran’s peaceful nuclear program should be dealt with solely by the Agency as a regular item on its agenda and the safeguards implementation in Iran has to be in routine manner from now on.

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