23 May 2005

Letter of
Press Section of Mission of
the Islamic Republic of Iran to the U. N
to San Francisco Chronicle
Re: Diplomats at odds over nuclear strategy
(news May 23rd)

New York- 23 May 2005

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Dear Editor:

Re: Diplomats at odds over nuclear strategy (news May 23rd): the article’s reference to Iran’s “bombmaking potential” is misleading, on two grounds. First, Iran’s nuclear potential is no different from 18 other nations possessing nuclear technology, and the singular focus on Iran when Iran has fully submitted to the inspection regime of the non-proliferation treaty, is unjustified. Second, Iran has offered objective guarantees regarding the international monitoring of its nuclear program, in the on-going discussions with the European powers, and this important factor too has been overlooked in the article.

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