23 May 2005

Letter of
Press Section of Mission
of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the
United Nations to Los Angeles Times
Re : “Iran likely to go nuclear, experts tell Senate panel”
(news- May 20th)

New York- 23 May 2005

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Dear Editor:

In “Iran likely to go nuclear, experts tell Senate panel” (news- May 20th), the Undersecretary of State, R. Nicholaus Burns has been quoted demanding that Iran must “suspend all nuclear-related activities.” This begs the question of what right does the US Government have to demand from Iran to deny itself what the Non-Proliferation Treaty has termed as “inalienable right,” namely, the right to peaceful nuclear technology? Disregarding major positive developments in Iran’s relations with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reflected in the most recent IAEA resolution, the US officials are now pressuring the IAEA to complain against Iran to the UN Security Council and thus to ignore its own findings as a result of extensive inspection of Iran’s nuclear sites by the IAEA inspectors over the past two years. Instead of ignoring the facts and bullying Iran, the US Government must respect Iran’s legal rights and acknowledge the IAEA reports regarding Iran’s cooperation and compliance with the IAEA requests.

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