16 May 2005

Letter of
Press Section of Mission of
the Islamic Republic of Iran to the U. N
to New York Times
Re: “Letting Nukes Happen”
(editorial, May 16th)

New York- 16 May 2005

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Dear Editor:

Re: “Letting Nukes Happen” (editorial, May 16th): The editorial claims, without the slightest empirical substantiation, that Iran, along with North Korea, is step by step developing its capability to build nuclear weapons. The Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran has flatly denied such allegations often adopted as facts by the U.S. media, without bothering to mention that Iran has submitted its nuclear facilities to extensive inspections by he UN atomic agency, which has repeatedly stated, in its reports on Iran, that there is no evidence that Iran is diverting its peaceful nuclear program for illicit military purposes. Unfortunately, the biased media reports and editorial comments in newspapers show a systematic pattern of disinformation on Iran .

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