9 May 2005

letter of Press Section
Of Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations
To Associated press

New York- 9 May 2005

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Re: UN Nuclear Chief Pushes “Sea Change” (news- May 7th): In proposing major changes in the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), the IAEA chief, Mr. Mohammed El Baradei has cited “the current alarm over Iran’s ability to establish a uranium-enrichment capability.” This begs the questions of why should a similar alarm over the NPT nuclear-haves’ failure to live up to their disarmament obligations be overlooked and also why Iran’s legal exercise of its right to acquire low-enriched uranium for its peaceful nuclear projects should cause such an alarm in the light of the NPT officials’ open access to Iran’s nuclear facilities, Iran’s adherence to the intrusive Additional Protocol, and the absence of minutest evidence suggesting that Iran has been diverting its nuclear programs toward illicit military objectives?

The Government of Islamic Republic of Iran continues to fulfill its NPT obligations and is opposed to any escapegoating on the part of certain powers who skirt their own responsibilities with respect to both proliferation and disarmament and seek instead to adopt a narrow definition of proliferation that omits them on the radar of NPT obligations.

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