10 July 2002

Statement by
H.E. Dr. Nasrollah Kazemi-Kamyab
Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran
to the United Nations
Coordination segment of the Substantive Session 2002
of the Economic and Social Council

New York- July 10, 2002
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Madame President,

Expressing my deep appreciation for your active and engaged stewardship of the work of the coordination segment, allow me, at the very outset, to express also my sincere appreciation to the Secretary-General for his comprehensive report before us entitled “strengthening further the Economic and Social Council, including on its recent achievements, to help it fulfill the role ascribed to it in the Charter of the United Nations as contained in the United Nations Millennium Declaration”. The report can be credited to have captured many aspects of the theme topic of the segment including the environment surrounding the recently held and upcoming important events. The issue, as we all know, is quite a complex one, requiring a rather nuance and patient approach. With this approach, we are looking forward to an open and constructive exchange of views on all aspects of the issue and stand ready to continue our discussions in the formal and informal settings.

Madame President

As stated in the report of Secretary General, the council now plays a more effective role as a high level forum on socio-economic issues and has deepened its substantive interaction with international financial institutions. Thanks to the implementation of many recommendations made on the reform of the Council. We very much welcome the partnership launched by the Council in 2000 to help bridge the digital divide through the establishment of ICT Task Force as a significant example of innovative initiatives. It goes without saying that further involvement of the Council in matters related to development will result in more visibility and impact of the Council. The Council’s spring meeting with the Bretton Woods institutions and WTO is another notable example. We think that the participation and involvement of other main stakeholders including the chair of the United Nation Development Group in the spring meetings will add to the strength of cooperation on long term developmental impact of economic and financial situation.

We share the view of the Secretary General that the Council still has to establish more clearly its role in response of the system operational activities vis-à-vis both the General Assembly and the Executive Boards. The Council needs to provide clearer guidance on major issues that cut across the Funds and Programmes. The impact of the Council’s guidance on the work of the Executive Boards and on the operational work of the system at the country level also needs to be enhanced. It is true that the operational, humanitarian and general segments have not always been able to attract the kind of participation witnessed in the high level and coordination segments. This, first and foremost, and especially in the case of operational activities, should be attributed to the technical nature of the discussions involved rather to functioning of the segments. To this effect, and given the role of the Council as a forum for international development cooperation, my delegation believes that the enhancement of overall capacity of the Council and its working methods requires a holistic approach and can not be achieved simply by the reduction of the period or time devoted to certain issues.

Taking into account the fact that the theme for the segment is meant for strengthening the role of ECOSOC, the mere change of the structure and order of the meetings of the Council will not always and necessarily result in the attainment of our envisaged goals and intentions. We should be ready, in the light of daunting challenges for the implementations of commitments and internationally agreed development goals as well as other instances such as emergence of new and urgent development in economic, social and related fields which may require the guidance and coordination by the council, to contemplate as to how to effectively use the time allocated to us and even increase the duration of our meeting if need arises and the situation demands.

Madame President,

We made known some of our general views on the report of the Secretary General to the Council. My delegation has some other specific comments and opinions on the content and suggestions of the report especially on integrated and coordinated follow up to and implementation of major United Nations summits and conferences. They have already been presented to our mother group for due reflection and coordination. In the meantime we remain willing and fully prepared to continue substantive discussion on this item both in our group and in the informal consultations. Finally I would like to bring my statement to the end by hoping that we, I mean the whole intergovernmental body, will be able to reach an agreed conclusion for this segment in a cooperative and constructive manner.

I thank you Madame President

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